Myths & Facts
Myth: The Marriage Protection Amendment bans "gay marriage." Get the facts.
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Myth: The amendment will expand the size of government. Get the facts.
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Myth: The amendment is bad for the economy. Get the facts
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Myth: Marriage isn't really about procreation because we allow infertile couples, senior citizens and others who cannot conceive enter into marriage. Get the facts.
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Myth: Canada has recognized same-sex marriage without negative consequences. Get the facts.
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Myth: This is a divisive issue. We should be bringing people together rather than dividing. Get the facts.
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Myth: Marriage should be redefined to accommodate the growing number of children of gay and lesbian couples. Get the facts.
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Myth: Committed gay and lesbian relationships are just the same as marriage relationships. Get the facts.
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Myth: Massachusetts redefined marriage seven years ago and there haven't been any consequences for society. Get the facts.
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Myth: We don't need the amendment; we have a Minnesota Supreme Court ruling upholding our marriage law. Get the facts.
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Myth:Churches are really motivated by hatred for gays and lesbians. They say that homosexuality is sinful. Get the facts.
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Myth: Minnesota's marriage law has no rational basis and only exists because of moral animosity toward gays and lesbians. Get the facts.
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Myth: Children will be unaffected is marriage is redefined. Get the facts.
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Myth: Opposition to same-sex marriage is bigotry; just like laws that banned inter-racial marriage. Get the facts.
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Myth: Legal experts don't anticipate conflicts if marriage is redefined. Get the facts.
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Myth: Small businesses will be unaffected if marriage is redefined. Get the facts.
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Myth: Professionals will be unaffected by same-sex marriage. Get the facts.
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