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Episode 1: Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment

Episode 2: Why is the amendment being pursued now?

Episode 3: Is there a clear and present threat to marriage in Minnesota?

Episode 4: Why is marriage worth preserving?

Episode 5: What is the common good of marriage?

Episode 6: Is the Marriage Protection Amendment Anti-Gay?

Episode 7: Isn’t Marriage Just About Loving and Committed Relationships?

Episode 8: How would redefining marriage impact your own marriage?

Episode 9: Does the marriage amendment ban ‘gay marriage?

Episode 10: Isn’t gay marriage just a different expression of the same marriage institution?

Episode 11: Why should the law interfere with personal decisions?

Episode 12: Why do we allow couples who can’t conceive get married but not same sex couples?

Episode 13: Won’t the Marriage Protection Amendment damage Minnesota’s economy?

Episode 14: Children don’t really need a mom and a dad — any two loving parents will do?”

Episode 15: Men and women are basically the same when it comes to raising children?

Episode 16: Is there a growing number of LGBT? Are American’s supportive of gay marriage?

Episode 17: Should marriage be redefined to accommodate the children of same sex couples?

Episode 18: Are committed gay and lesbian relationships just the same as marriage relationships?

Episode 19: Is it wrong for churches to be involved in the campaign?

Episode 20: Aren’t churches really motivated by hatred for gays and lesbians?

Episode 21: Is it true that Minnesota’s marriage law has no rational basis?

Episode 22: Shouldn’t churches stay out of how civil marriage is decided?

Episode 23: Is marriage in the constitution the same as imposing religious views on society?

Episode 24: What does it mean to say ‘same-sex marriage interferes with ‘Religious liberty’?

Episode 25: What do legal experts say about conflicts that would occur if marriage is redefined?

Episode 26: What kind of issues would small business owners face if marriage is redefined?

Episode 27: What kind of issues would professionals face if marriage is redefined?

Episode 28: What kind of issues would children face if marriage is redefined?

Episode 29: Massachusetts redefined marriage several years ago. Have there been any consequences for society because of it?

Episode 30: “Canada Has Recognized Gay Marriage for Many Years. What Has Occurred There?”

Episode 31: “Shouldn’t the government get out of the business of regulating marriage and leave it to adults to decide marriage for themselves?”

Episode 32: “Would passage of the Marriage Protection Amendment end the ongoing conversation that our state is engaged in concerning the appropriate definition of marriage?”

Episode 33: “The Benefits to Children of Having a Mom and Dad Who Are Married to Each Other”

Episode 34: “Children raised by a same-sex parent are significantly worse off compared to those raised by their traditionally married parents”

Episode 35: “Reviewing the Need for the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment”

Episode 36: “Will the Marriage Protection Amendment Be Damaging to the Minnesota Economy?”

Episode 37: “Are People Turning Against Marriage?”

Episode 38: Voting “Yes” on Marriage Starts This Week

Episode 39: “The Slippery Slope When Marriage is Redefined”

Episode 40: “A look at Consequences: Pastors, Religious Groups and People of Faith.”

Episode 41: “A Look at Consequences: Canada”

Episode 42: “A Look at Consequences: EUROPE”

Episode 43: “A Look at Consequences: KIDS”

Episode 44: “What We Believe”

Episode 46: “No Impact on Rights & Benefits”

Final Episode: “Vote YES November 6!”


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