7 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Your Bridal Gown

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When you find the right bridal gown you will more than likely be ecstatic, and rightfully so. But, in your happiness, remember that there are important questions to be asked before you actually purchase the gown. There is much more that goes into actually getting the gown that you may think. Below are some questions to keep in mind and to ask your

1. How does the ordering process work?

Different shops will have different rules. So, inquire about how long it will take for the dress to arrive. Remember that custom made dresses take longer to receive than an off the runway gown.

2. How many fittings will you have and will the fitting service be included in the price?

You don’t want to be surprised by extra cost. Some shops will charge for each alteration or fitting visit. You want to come to an arrangement with the shop first.

3. How long will alterations take to complete?

Ask for an estimate about how long the alterations will take. Will there be plenty of time to get them done? You want to order early enough as to not be stressed.

4. What undergarments are best for your wedding dress choice?

Remember, some come with a built-in bra or have a corset, in which case no bra is needed. Get specifics to look your very best in your dream dress.

5. What kind of deposit do you need to put down to order the dress?

You will need to find out what the deposit is on your dress and when the balance is due. Remember, as stated above, to allow for the cost of alterations and find out when that amount is payable. Some shops do installments while others have strict rules on when and how to pay.

6. How will your dress arrive to you?

Will it be in a dress bag or a box? After this is answered ask the best way to keep it clean and wrinkle free before the wedding. Some brides have their dress ready to go months before the actual wedding, so you need to know how to properly care for it.

7. What is the return policy?

Finally, ask about the return policy. What if you receive the dress and you have had a change of heart or the wrong size, color, etc. was ordered? What are your options? Will you lose your deposit? It is important to know this and to be prepared.

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