Think Gay “Marriage” Won’t Impact You?

Think Gay “Marriage” Won’t Impact You?

Dear Friend,

Proponents of the gay “marriage” bill (House File 1054/Senate File 925) continue to tout the bill’s “religious liberties protections.” What they neglect to tell you is that these “protections” only apply within the 4 walls of your church.

There are NO individual religious liberty and rights of conscience protections for the people in the pew in this bill. This means that churches and pastors won’t be forced to solemnize or facilitate a gay “wedding,” but as for the many, many other Minnesotans who want to live out their deeply held beliefs that marriage is only the union of a man and a woman—they are not protected.

Do you know any restaurant owners? Florists? Photographers? Judges? Attorneys? CPA’s? Marriage Counselors? (and the list goes on…) If gay “marriage” passes, all of these individuals stand to be punished as the legal equivalent of “bigots” simply for acting on their beliefs that marriage is only the union of a man and a woman. These folks will have to choose between violating their beliefs or living out their beliefs but facing legal punishment. This is unacceptable.

No one should have to check-in their beliefs at their church’s exit door!

Together, we can protect the right of Minnesotans to practice their beliefs outside the walls of their church. Here are some ways you can help—please choose as many of the “HOW CAN I HELP?” actions as you can—time is running out!

  1. I can help protect the religious liberties of Minnesotans by DONATING today!
  2. I can help protect religious liberties by CONTACTING my state Senator and state Representative to urge them to OPPOSE the gay “marriage” bill!
    *Even if you have already contacted your legislators, please take a few moments to do so again—this time be sure to highlight the fact that the gay “marriage” bill makes NO protections for religious liberties and rights of conscience. It must NOT pass.
  3. I can help prevent the loss of Minnesotans’ religious liberties by spreading the word to my CHURCH, FRIENDS, FAMILY, and COMMUNITY that the gay “marriage” bill does nothing to protect individual religious freedoms and rights of conscience—and urging them to contact their legislators to tell them to oppose the gay “marriage” bill as well!

Thank you for your help!  Every voice matters!

~The Minnesota for Marriage Team

P.S. – In case you missed it, religious liberties are ALREADY under attack here in Minnesota! Grace, age 11, bravely testified against the gay “marriage” bill last month—asking the legislators which parent she didn’t need, her mom or her dad. The legislators had no answer for her.  Click here to meet Grace and hear her compelling testimony.


Since then, Grace has been called an “11-year-old bigot” (and worse things too vile to include here), received death threats, and told that Child Protective Services should remove her from her home. These types of attacks will only increase if gay “marriage” becomes the law of the land. The right to speak out freely on your beliefs about marriage may become a distant memory.

Click Here to read more about the attacks on Grace and her family.

Please, join us to prevent this from happening!

DONATE today.

CONTACT your legislators.



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