URGENT UPDATE: Contact Your Legislator
Urgent Update – Contact Your Legislator and Tell Them You Don’t Want Marriage Redefined.

As you may know, the 2013 legislative session began on Tuesday, January 8th and gay “marriage” activists are already contacting their legislators and Governor Dayton and pressing them to legalize gay “marriage” this session.  In fact, several media outlets reported that House leaders are predicting a floor vote on redefining marriage could happen at any time.

Here are a couple of examples:

Minnesota’s Marriage Showdown Takes Shape At The Capitol

Despite Budget Focus, DFL Legislative Leaders Will Face Hot-Button Issues


And, a “Freedom To Marry” demonstration and lobby day is scheduled on February 14th in the Capitol Rotunda.

There is no time to lose.  The redefinition of marriage into a system of government love licenses could happen very soon, and it’s time for us to rise up and rejoin the battle today.  Right now, legislators are receiving calls and visits from activists pressing them to legalize gay “marriage” this session.

It is absolutely urgent that you contact your legislator and tell them that you don’t want marriage redefined.

  •  Let them know that the defeat of the Marriage Protection Amendment was not an endorsement of gay “marriage” and you will hold them accountable.   In fact, 75 of 87 counties voted Yes, sometimes with over 70% of the vote.
  • Tell them that although the people of Minnesota may have rejected a constitutional amendment, the majority still believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.
  • Remind them that gay “marriage” activists argued nothing would change if the marriage amendment was defeated, and now they are working to redefine marriage, proving Minnesota for Marriage correct.  Had Minnesotans fully understood this reality, the amendment would have passed.

CLICK HERE to go to the Legislature’s website and find out who your legislator is.

It is certain that your legislator is being contacted to legalize gay “marriage”.  If you don’t contact them, they will assume you agree or just don’t care.  Please act now.

CLICK HERE to go to the Legislature’s website and find out who your legislator is.  Tell your friends and family to do the same.

And remember:  Minnesota for Marriage is busy lobbying legislators and building the grassroots network to preserve marriage in Minnesota, but we can’t fight this battle without your financial support.  Please make a generous financial contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even more.


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