Uptown VOTE YES Billboard Vandalized

Another Example of “Not Live and Let Live”

Minneapolis, MN – Yesterday, a Vote Yes billboard in Minneapolis was vandalized.  The destruction demonstrates the kind of environment Minnesotans can expect if marriage is redefined in Minnesota.

The vandalism came on the heels of a new TV ad by Minnesota for Marriage citing similar examples in six other states that have  legalized same-sex marriage including Washington, D.C., and Canada.  Like the vandalized billlboard, the examples show how citiziens, like most Minnesotans who believe marriage is the unique union of one man and one woman, are certainly not living in a “live, let live” society.

“This kind of disrespect is a perfect example of what Minnesotans, who simply believe marriage is between one man and one woman, can expect if marriage is redefined,” said John Helmberger, Chairman of Minnesota for Marriage.

Indeed, in Washington, D.C. where same-sex ‘marriage’ has been legal since 2009, Mayor Vincent Gray completely disregarded the beliefs of his citizens who support marriage as between one man and one woman. He has stated, “When people don’t support marriage equality…there just is no place for them in this city.”

“Minnesotans need to understand that when marriage is redefined, the lifestyle is not simply one of ‘live and let live.’  Instead, an entire institution is upended, leaving no room under the law or in civil discourse for those who disagree with this new genderless definition of marriage for religious, cultural, or other reasons,” said Helmberger.

“As our newest ad explains, a small business in Vermont was sued succesfully because its owners did not wish to offer their privately-owned inn to a same-sex couple for their ’wedding’ reception. A prominent Canadian sportscaster was fired for simply tweeting out his support for traditional marriage. Catholic Charities in D.C. was forced to close and end its good work in our nation’s capital, rather than violating their deeply held beliefs that marriage is between a man and a woman. And, of course, in Massachusetts, the courts ruled that parents have no right to take their kids out of class or to even be told when their children are being taught about same-sex ‘marriage’ in school. Let me reiterate—same-sex ‘marriage’ is taught throughout the curriculum to kids as young as kindergarten in Massachusetts, and parents have no legal right to be notified,” continued Helmberger.

“Without the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment, we run the risk of allowing judges and politicians to turn our state into the next Vermont or Massachusetts. Only by passing the Amendment do we ensure that voters always have control over the definition of marriage. That’s why it’s so important to VOTE YES on the Marriage Protection Amendment on November 6th to preserve marriage as the union of a man and a woman,” he concluded.





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