Rabbi Statement in Support of Amendment 1

Rabbi Statement in Support of Amendment 1
Minnesota Rabbis Explain that Judaism and the Torah Sanction Only the Union of One Man and One Woman as a Marriage

Minneapolis, MN – Minnesota Rabbis released a statement in support of Amendment 1, the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment.

The Rabbis explained that Orthodox Judaism has retained, in belief and practice, the spiritual tradition revealed by God to Moses and the People of Israel and therefore has the authority to speak on behalf of this tradition. They emphasized that authentic Judaism does not metamorph itself to the culture or politics of the times, rather it maintains its spiritual tradition that has shaped “human morality and Western thought.”

“We hereby state that the Torah sanctions only the union of a man and a woman in matrimony. As such, same-sex pairings cannot be defined as marriage, and defining them as such would be a misapplication and distortion of the term.”

“We therefore express our support for the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment that defines marriage as ‘only a union of one man and one woman.’  This is consistent with the teaching of Judaism and the Torah and is necessary for the wellbeing of all of society.

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