Minnesota For Marriage Releases Two New Radio Ads

Minnesota For Marriage Releases Two New Radio Ads

Ads Focus On What Happens To Individuals, Small Businesses, Churches – and Especially Children – When Same-Sex Marriage Has Been Imposed Elsewhere

Minneapolis – Today, Minnesota for Marriage announced the release of two new radio ads.  The ads will run in English and Spanish.  The ads point out that people  who believe in traditional marriage will face consequences if marriage is redefined in Minnesota.  Some of the consequences included small businesses fined, people fired, charities closed down and churches sued.

“But some of the biggest impact involves young children,” explain David and Tonia Parker.  “After Massachusetts redefined marriage, local schools taught it to children in second grade including the school our son attended. Courts ruled parents had no right to take their children out of class or to even be informed when this instruction was going to take place.”

“If marriage is redefined in Minnesota, same-sex marriage could be taught in public schools just as it was in Massachusetts,” continued Tonia Parker.  “Don’t make the same mistake and think that same-sex marriage won’t affect you.”

The ad also points out that, “Amendment 1 prevents these consequences by protecting marriage in our state constitution, but state law says that if you don’t vote on the amendment you will be counted as a no vote.”

The Spanish ad emphasizes consequences to children as well stating that “Marriage is about children and family. It is our most important social institution. If marriage were redefined, there would be consequences for Minnesotans. The most affected would be our children who could be taught about gay marriage in school, against the desires of parents.”

It also points out that “Supporting marriage as the union of a man and a woman does not make you anti-gay but pro-marriage.”

Both ads encourage listeners to “vote YES on Amendment 1, the marriage protection amendment.”

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