Minnesota for Marriage Announces The Release Of Two VOTE YES TV Ads

 Minnesota for Marriage Announces The Release Of

“Who should decide the definition of marriage: politicians, judges, or the people of Minnesota?”

Minneapolis – Today, Minnesota for Marriage released the first of many eagerly awaited TV ads highlighting the core issues of the campaign and encouraging Minnesotans to VOTE YES on the Marriage Protection Amendment on November 6th. The ads are part of a series to be run during the final weeks of the campaign to ensure that Minnesotans understand they have a chance to protect the definition of Marriage as between one man and one woman on November 6th.

One ad highlights how marriage as the union of a man and a woman has served society well for thousands of years. By voting yes, Minnesotans can secure traditional marriage in the constitution and ensure that only voters can determine the definition of marriage in the future.

“We are certain our ads will help Minnesotans understand the importance of preserving marriage in our constitution,” said John Helmberger, Chairman of Minnesota for Marriage. “Our ads ask an important question: ‘Who should decide the definition marriage.’ Like most Minnesotans, we think it should be the people, not judges or politicians. In fact, right now there is a court case pending in Hennepin County through which same-sex couples are asking judges to redefine marriage. Powerful legislators want to do the same thing.  If they succeed, voters will have lost their say,” he said.

“Our ads remind Minnesotans that marriage is the building block of society. It stands to reason, then, that all Minnesotans should have their say in what marriage should continue to be. Voting YES keeps voters involved in the conversation about marriage so that judges and politicians don’t make that decision for us—without our permission.”

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