Consequences if Marriage is Redefined: A Canada Perspective

Consequences if Marriage is Redefined: A Canada Perspective

What will happen if we fail to pass the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment?  We need look no further than to our neighbor to the north, Canada, to see what will happen if same-sex “marriage” becomes legal in Minnesota.

Minnesota Catholic Conference recently conducted a forum in Minneapolis entitled “What the future looks like if marriage in Minnesota is redefined – A Canadian Perspective.”  The 7-minute highlights video from the forum is a MUST SEE video. Click here to watch the highlights video.

The event took place earlier this month, and featured prominent guests from Canada, Swedish Pastor Ake Green, and legal scholars from two of the nation’s most well known legal organizations defending religious liberty and family values. These guests provided insight into the impact on schools and citizens’ religious liberties once marriage is redefined in a society.

Click here to watch Pastor Ake Green and learn more about the story of his arrest for preaching from the Bible.

Same-sex “marriage” has been legal for several years in Canada, and individuals, small businesses, religious organizations, and parents and children have certainly experienced the consequences. One father, Dr. Steve Tourloukis, is actually in the process of suing his children’s school board to have parents declared as the final authority in their children’s education. He filed suit after same-sex “marriage” became the law of the land, and his children’s school refused to even tell him when his children would be exposed to same-sex “marriage” instruction in the curriculum.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Tourloukis and his fight with his local School Board.

Click here to watch Phil Lees, Founder, Public Education Advocates for Christian Equality.

The Most Reverend Terrence Prendergast, Archbishop of Ottawa, Ontario, also provided a list of a few of the consequences Canadians have faced since the redefinition of marriage—complaints issued against Church leaders in Human Rights Tribunals, marriage commissioners threatened with firing for not marrying same-sex couples (regardless of their religious convictions), religious organizations fined for not accommodating same-sex “weddings.”

These Canadian guests, supported by legal experts, warn that Canada offers a forewarning of what is likely to be Minnesota’s own future without the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment.

As Archbishop Prendergast stated, “One of the reasons I was pleased to come here is to let Minnesotans know they have a chance to have a say [on what marriage should be]. We did not have that.”

Once Canada redefined marriage, life in that country has not been “live and let live.” Please, watch and share this eye-opening and important video to learn how the redefinition of marriage in Canada continues to suppress the religious freedoms, freedom of expression, and parental rights of those who simply believe that marriage is the unique union of one man and one woman.

And after you view and share the video, remember that unlike Canadians, we DO have a chance to protect marriage—remember to vote YES on Amendment 1, the Marriage Protection Amendment, on November 6th!

Click here to watch the panel in its entirety.

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