Minnesota For Marriage Releases Finance Report

Minnesota For Marriage Releases Finance Report
Doubled Contributions Reflect Support for Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment

Minneapolis, MN – Today, Minnesota For Marriage released its latest finance report outlining that the committee has raised $1,195,652 for the period January 1, 2012 through September 25, 2012.

“Our latest report reveals that our 2012 donor contributions nearly doubled in only two months’ time since the July report,” said John Helmberger, Minnesota for Marriage Chairman. “These numbers reflect what we are hearing from the majority of Minnesotans who understand that marriage is the unique union of one man and one woman and that children need their mothers and fathers. Since around the time of the State Fair, these folks have been taking a more public role in protecting the definition of marriage in Minnesota.”

“Many choose to engage by volunteering—we are continuing to work with the tens of thousands of new supporters and volunteers who signed up at the State Fair. Others show their support by putting a VOTE YES yard sign in their lawn—we have distributed nearly 50,000 since the Fair with another 25,000 nearly entirely spoken for. Still others have given generously to support the efforts of the Minnesota for Marriage campaign as it works tirelessly to defend marriage.”

“We are pleased with our fundraising efforts to-date and are incredibly grateful to the thousands of supporters who have donated their time and money to see marriage preserved in Minnesota so that it can continue to be our most fundamental social institution and the most pro-child institution we have. We look forward to continued financial and grassroots support as the campaign gears up for its final phases of advertising and get-out-the-vote efforts prior to November 6th.”

“We’ve never been surprised by the amount of money wealthy same-sex ‘marriage’ activists are willing to pour into their attempt to change the minds of Minnesotans on the definition of marriage. In fact, we predicted over a year ago that we would be outspent 3 or 4 to 1. We are confident that as we continue our final outreach effort, the voices of the majority of Minnesotans will speak louder at the polls than the amount of money wasted in a futile attempt to convince people that men and women are interchangeable, and the Marriage Amendment will pass on November 6th.”



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