Minnesota for Marriage Announces Winner of the State Fair “She Said ‘YES!’” Contest

Minnesota for Marriage Announces Winner of the State Fair
“She Said ‘YES!’” Contest
The Great Minnesota Get-Together Brings Together Thousands of Marriage Amendment Supporters

Minneapolis – The Minnesota for Marriage booth was a very busy place at the Minnesota State Fair! Tens of thousands of new supporters and volunteers signed the pledge to VOTE YES to protect Marriage in Minnesota this November 6th.

Marriage Amendment supporters made it a point to stop by the Minnesota for Marriage booth at the State Fair to sign pledge forms; pick up VOTE YES buttons, t-shirts, and wristbands; and to talk about the importance of keeping the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman for the benefit of kids. Many of our supporters’ pictures from the Fair are featured on Minnesota for Marriage’s Facebook page.

Many couples also competed in our State Fair “She Said ‘YES’” Contest by sharing their wedding proposal story in the hopes of winning a romantic dinner for two, paid for by Minnesota for Marriage.

The State Fair’s winners are Jim and Dee of Bloomington, Minnesota:

At Yellow Lake, near Danbury, WI, on Memorial weekend 1995, I strung a heavy-duty leader onto my fishing line and one on my wife’s. We went fishing on a very windy night at about 9:30PM. I took the engagement ring when my wife wasn’t looking and clipped it through the leaders of both lines and had a sinker on one of the lines. I pretended to bait her hook and threw both lines (with the ring) out into the water. We had lighted bobbers, so when I pulled my line, I pulled hers with it and tried to pull her bobber under to get her to reel it in.

I eventually told her she was snagged and to get her line into the boat. When she reeled in the line and got it to her, she first thought she snagged a ring from the water. And then she realized… I then bent down on my knee on the bottom of the boat and asked her to marry me! We celebrated her “YES” answer with a glass of champagne in the boat! At first she thought I was crazy for wanting to fish on that windy night, but later understood why!

Congratulations to Jim and Dee!

With all the food and fun of the State Fair behind us, we are plugging in our thousands of new supporters and volunteers and working hard to pass the Marriage Protection Amendment on November 6th.

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