Campaign Opposed to Marriage Amendment Uses Social Media Site to Stalk Marriage Amendment Supporters

Campaign Opposed to Marriage Amendment Uses Social Media Site
to Stalk Marriage Amendment Supporters

Minneapolis – Minnesotans United for All Families (MUFAF), the coalition opposed to the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment, is stalking supporters of the Amendment on Facebook.

“MUFAF is encouraging its own supporters to use a new Facebook tool, the ‘kNOw tool,’ to stalk Minnesotans who plan to vote YES on the Marriage Amendment,” said Autumn Leva, Spokesperson for Minnesota for Marriage.  “Once the ‘kNOw tool’ identifies a potential Amendment supporter on Facebook, this individual is targeted for ‘conversation’ in an attempt to convince him or her that the definition of marriage need not be protected.”


“For those who support the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment, this is simple harassment,” continued Leva. “This latest move by MUFAF also demonstrates the type of behavior Minnesotans will see more of if marriage is ever redefined. The majority of Minnesotans who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman will be forced into government-sanctioned silence and given no room to exercise their right to act on their beliefs.”

“We have already seen the effects of the complete redefinition of marriage in states like Massachusetts and countries like Canada. Catholic Charities of Boston was forced to abandon its adoption services because they believe that children deserve both a mother and a father.  When same-sex marriage was imposed by the courts in Massachusetts, kindergartners were taught in public schools that boys could marry other boys. Parents objected to this instruction, but the schools and the courts ruled (Parker v. Hurley) they had no legal right to opt children out of this instruction or even prior notice of such instruction.”

“Canadian sportscaster Damian Goddard was fired for simply tweeting his support for traditional marriage. Bishop Frederick Henry of Calgary was investigated by the Alberta Human Rights Commission for doing little more than writing about the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality in a newspaper column.”

“Clearly, a redefinition of marriage will affect all sectors in society—from children and individuals to businesses and religious organizations.  And, contrary to claims by MUFAF, passing the Marriage Protection Amendment does not end the debate.  Just the opposite.  Passing the Amendment simply ensures that if judges and politicians want to redefine marriage in the future, they will have to go to the people of Minnesota to get their permission.”

“Being targeted by the ‘kNOw tool’ is only the beginning. The Marriage Protection Amendment is needed to prevent Minnesota from becoming the next Massachusetts or Canada where those who believe marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman are not only stalked by a social media ‘election profiling’ tool, but also treated as bigots deserving punishment under the law and in civil lawsuits,” Leva said.

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