New Marriage Minute Video Released: “What kind of issues would children face if marriage is redefined?”

Minnesota For Marriage Releases New Marriage Minute Video: “What kind of issues would children face if marriage is redefined?”

Experience shows that whenever same sex marriage becomes the law, children will be exposed to it as early as kindergarten. When same-sex marriage was imposed on Massachusetts, for example, second graders were taught in public schools that boys could marry other boys and parents who objected could not opt out of the instruction.

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The Minnesota Marriage Minute is an ongoing dialogue with Minnesota voters hosted by veteran news anchor Kalley Yanta. The educational videos are designed to explore issues related to the marriage amendment. The videos are in a question and answer format and are released on a weekly basis.

The Marriage Minute series is a great resource for understanding the proposed Marriage Protection Amendment and equipping you to speak about the amendment. Please share this important educational resource with family members, friends and neighbors. It’s critically important that all our supporters be as informed as possible about the amendment, and this series of videos is a quick and easy way for you and your friends to learn about what is at stake in this election.

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