Minnesota For Marriage Releases Finance Report

Minnesota For Marriage Releases Finance Report
Grassroots Base Continues to Surge

Minneapolis, MN – Today, Minnesota For Marriage released its latest finance report outlining that the committee has raised $626,121 for the period January 1, 2012 through July 23, 2012.

“This latest report reflects the continued growth in small to mid-size donors, in addition to a surge in grassroots support. An additional 20,000 supporters signed on to pass the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment since mid-July, increasing grassroots support for the campaign from 68,000 to 88,000 in less than one month,” said John Helmberger, Minnesota for Marriage Chairman.

“From our surge in grassroots support, our steady flow in campaign contributions, and the latest SurveyUSA/KSTP poll demonstrating Minnesotans’ support for the Marriage Amendment by an impressive 15% lead among likely voters, we know the people of Minnesota care about protecting marriage as the union between one man and on woman in our state,” he added.

“We are pleased with our fundraising and voter ID efforts so far and look forward to continued financial and grassroots support as the campaign enters its final 99 days. We have always expected to be outspent in this campaign as money continues to flow into Minnesota from out of state same-sex marriage activists.  However, as we have seen in other states facing marriage protection amendments including California, North Carolina and Maine, more money does not guarantee a victory and we are confident that if we continue to work our plan, the people of Minnesota will follow suit and pass the Marriage Protection Amendment on November 6th.”


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