Minnesota For Marriage Releases Finance Report

Minnesota For Marriage Releases Finance Report
Grows Grassroots Base To Over 68,000 Supporters

Minneapolis, MN – Today, Minnesota For Marriage released its finance report outlining that the committee has raised $620,105.37 for the period January 1, 2012 through July 10, 2012.

“We are pleased with our fundraising efforts so far, especially with the increase in the number of new small to mid-sized donors,” said John Helmberger, Minnesota for Marriage Chairman.  “We have always said that we expect to be outspent in this campaign, but we are in a very good position to raise the funds we need to get the job done.”

“The marriage amendment campaigns in California, Maine and most recently North Carolina all won despite being outspent by groups working to defeat the marriage protection amendment,” he said.

“The key to victory is our growing grassroots army.  Over 68,000 people have responded to our campaign and signed on as supporters to pass the Marriage Protection Amendment.  Over 1,500 individuals have made financial contributions to the effort, with the number of donors growing daily. It’s exciting to watch our momentum build. We are confident this momentum will carry us to victory.”



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