North Carolina Becomes 31st State To Adopt Marriage Protection Amendment

Victory sends strong message that marriage is in the common good and needs to be protected from activist judges and politicians.

Minneapolis, MN
- Yesterday, North Carolina voters adopted a constitutional amendment that would protect marriage as between one man and one woman by a margin of 61 to 39. North Carolina became the 31st state in an unbroken string of states to pass a marriage amendment. Marriage amendments have passed in every state when the people have been allowed to vote.
[The amendment received strong bi-partisan support winning most republicans, nearly half of Democrats and Independents, and a strong majority of African Americans.]

“The win is a heavy blow to same-sex marriage supporters not only in North Carolina but across the nation as opposition organizers outspent supporters by two to one, and were heavily organized to get out the vote,” said John Helmberger, Chairman Minnesota for Marriage. “In fact, as late as last week, opposition campaign manager, Jeremy Kennedy was predicting a major upset. Opposition groups unleashed a last minute barrage of misleading ads and former president Bill Clinton did robo-calls to hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians urging them to vote against the amendment.”

“Let there be not doubt, the people of North Carolina have sent a resounding message to the nation, that traditional marriage is profoundly in the common good and should be protected from meddling by activist judges and politicians,” said Helmberger.
“There is a clear and present threat to marriage in Minnesota. In fact, traditional marriage has been under assault in the state Legislature and in the courts for several years. Several bills have been introduced in the Minnesota legislature to redefine marriage. And, gay marriage activists have filed a lawsuit in Hennepin County District Court seeking to overturn Minnesota’s current marriage law.”

“The answer to these threats to marriage is the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment. The amendment puts the time-tested definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman into our state constitution where it will be safe from activist judges and politicians.”


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