Minnesota for Marriage Campaign Releases Statewide Poll

Minnesota for Marriage Campaign Releases Statewide Poll Showing
Marriage Amendment Leading Handily
Voters Strongly Support Legislative Action Putting Marriage Amendment on the Ballot

Minneapolis – The Minnesota for Marriage campaign today released the results of a survey showing that the proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman enjoys a solid lead among voters. The survey found that 51% of voters would vote for the amendment, while 40% would vote against it. Further, 56% of Minnesotans agree that marriage should be between only a man and a woman.

“This data shows there is very strong voter support for the marriage amendment in Minnesota,” said John Helmberger, Chairman of Minnesota for Marriage.  “Our surveys for the past 15 months have shown steady support for traditional marriage, with a strong majority of Minnesotans saying they plan to vote for the amendment.”

The survey of 500 randomly-selected registered and active voters was conducted by the polling firm of QEV Analytics and was completed on November 1, 2011 and has a margin of error of +/-4.4%. Live interviews were conducted by telephone on both landlines and cell numbers.  Obtained results were weighted by age and party affiliation to match the known characteristics of the survey population. Highlights of the survey include:

• 26% of voters think that Minnesota is generally headed in the right direction
while 61% say the state has gotten off on the wrong track.
• Voters are sharply divided over Governor Mark Dayton’s job performance. 41%
say he is doing an excellent (11%) or good (30%) job, while 43% say he is doing an
only fair (27%) or poor (16%) job.
• 72% of voters have heard or read something recently about the issue of same-sex
• 56% of voters personally agree that marriage should only be between a man and
a woman (50% agree strongly) while 35% disagree (27% disagree strongly).
• 60% of voters support the Legislature’s decision to give voters the right to vote
on the definition of marriage (47% strongly) while only 33% oppose giving voters
the right to vote on the definition of marriage (27% strongly).

The Star Tribune released a survey this week saying that the marriage amendment leads among voters by a margin of 48% to 43%. However, the newspaper’s Minnesota Poll has a well-documented record of bias against conservative candidates and issues. In 2010 the paper’s survey was rated among the least reliable polls in the country according to FiveThirtyEight’s Pollster Ratings.

“The Star Tribune survey showing us with a five point lead substantially understates our true position. This is not surprising given the newspaper’s historic bias against conservative issues and candidates,” Helmberger said. “We are releasing our own survey, which utilized the actual wording of the amendment question being presented to voters, to show that we enter the campaign in a very strong position.”

Voters in 30 other states have adopted constitutional amendments defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. No state has defeated a constitutional amendment that dealt only with the definition of marriage.

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